We love working with people, and Team Made can help you love working with your people too.

It all starts with you as the employer setting the foundations to create a supportive, progressive and enjoyable work environment.

Team Made can help you find the right people for your farm and also help you develop a strong long-lasting team where everyone thrives.

You might be wondering what we do...

How we can help:

Here at Team Made we can support you with anything to do with your people. From recruitment, to performance reviews and goal setting, to visa & immigration processing and employee development planning.

Struggling to keep your on-farm team? Would you like to become an employer of choice? We can support you to become an employer that people come looking for when they are in search of greener grass.

Farming has a lot of pressures coming from all angles these days. So let Team Made help you take the stress out of the people side of your business.

Farmers just want to be farmers, yet as your business grows, your focus has to naturally shift from the day-to-day farming, to being more focused on being a good leader to the team that run the day-to-day operations… we call this “accidental leadership”. 

So it’s not surprising that many farmers need a bit of support on how to be a good leader and employer, and how to get the best out of their people in order to retain a strong team to help their growing business thrive.

Team Made specialise in both offshore and onshore Nepalese recruitment. Our candidates usually come with experience from big dairy farms in Saudi Arabia. We work with employers and candidates from start to finish, including all employment and visa documentation and INZ applications.

Team Made can also help you bring in your own offshore recruit from any country. If you already have someone in mind that isn't currently in NZ, then get in touch and let's get the Immigration process started and get your team sorted and thriving.

Team Made specialises in offshore recruitment - either your own candidate or pick from our pool of experienced candidates.

Meet Fleur

Fleur is a proud born and bred dairy farmer, and has spent the last 14 years working with rural people, as a hands-on dairy farmer employing her own team, and also helping Southland farmers with their immigration and recruitment needs. 

Before coming back to farming, Fleur studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Otago, and then spent 4 years exploring the corporate life in the big cities.

Fleur has worked with the migrant farming community for the last 9 years and is passionate about developing strong rural teams and is well equipped with knowledge, tools and experience to help you recruit the right people, and help you love working with the people in your team. 

Team Made is based in Lumsden in beautiful Northern Southland, but travels Southland and Otago wide and can come to your farm to discuss what you and your team need to succeed.

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